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im muku and (thinks about bruno buccellati) (falls down)



The GayStation isn’t just an old joke, it’s a real #PS4 model.

It’s a special model being auctioned off in Sweden for Stockholm Pride and god damn it I want the fucking gaystaion

step one:stop being gay


Failed step one 


watch this

everyone is mu hair 18 now aka my fav mu hair colour

i saw your twitter and wow muku i cannot BELIEVE you are a yarne apologist smh

yarne did nothing wrong (also here’s my twitter)


*sees friend get canon url of their favorite character*



part 2 of my dad kids!!! (part 1)

the hair colours shown are their ‘canon’ hair colours in order

  • rei’na, lon’qu’s daughter (class: cleric). her dislike the ferox’s lifestyle of violence led her into becoming a cleric and healing people for a small fee. she will only resort to violence as a last resort. she has her father’s cool and collected demeanour minus the aversion to the opposite sex (although she is scared of horses)
  • marco, ricken’s son (class: cavalier). he has a darwinistic way of thinking, believing that only those who can adapt and fight will come out on top. he is also a massive asshole to most people with very few exceptions. he thinks poorly of ricken due to his childishness, but still accepts ricken as his father regardless. he is loyal to those he deems worthy of his trust
  • candy, gaius’ daughter (class: myrmidon). despite her name, she actually hates sweets and instead has an obsession for healthy snacks. she has mixed feelings towards gaius due to her hatred for criminals, but she does love him and wears his old headband in her hair as a memento of him (and because her fringe is long enough to cover her eyes and most of her nose). sometimes she’ll flirt to get her way and she wants to work with law
  • jacob, gregor’s son (class: dark mage). he’s very sickly, so he prefers not to engage in close combat but rather attack from a distance. he comes as being cold and distant, but is actually a very warm person once you get to know him. unlike most dark mages, he doesn’t like to hex people and will only place hexes when necessary because he believes that hexes only lead to more problems. he doesnt have his father’s accent, but it does appear when he’s especially upset
  • aries, libra’s daughter (class: troubadour). she doesnt follow in her father’s religious footsteps, but she does follow in the footsteps of his kindness, being absolutely selfless to everybody. however, she knows her limits and if anyone tries to take advantage of her generosity she’ll mow them down. incidentally, she’s not actually an aries, she’s a leo
  • francis, henry’s son (class: barbarian). he is essentially an axe-wielding, open-eyed, slightly less creepy version of henry. heck, he even wears his dad’s old sweaters. but the only reason why he acts like henry it’s his way of coping with the death of the bad futures henry. he’s actually a very solemn person, but he only shows his ‘true self’ to those he can truly place his trust into. animals love him and children think he’s cool

feel free to draw them if you want to!!!! and tag me in them so that i can see bc i would love to see fanart of my babies hehe


i finally got round to drawing fan kids for all the dads!!!! this is just part 1 (part 2)

as shown with their ‘canon’ hair colours in order

  • aurore, frederick’s daughter (class: cavalier). she’s a lot like frederick in her loyalty to others and caring nature, but she’s much cheerier and less of a killjoy than he is, seriously she has three times the enthusiasm he has. she dreams of being a legendary knight like her dad, who she idolises. much like her dad she has unique for her class armour
  • primrose, virion’s daughter (class: pegasus knight). she’s a proper lady who has a tongue sharp enough to make anyone submit to her, and skills in battle to match. as the bad futures duchess of roseanne, she resents her father because she believes he led roseanne to ruin (she doesnt have dad’s hair colour bc i thought she’d look better with pink-purple hair)
  • eisen, stahl’s son (class: mercenary). he’s very laid back and easy to talk to, so he’s popular with a lot of people. he values friendship the most in life, and an enemy of a known enemy is a friend to him. he inherited his dad’s messy hair (but not the actual hair colour), however he didnt inherit his dad’s appetite
  • hermes, vaike’s son (class: thief). just as much of a braggart as his father is, maybe more so, albeit hermes is much smarter than him and actually remembers where he puts things. however, his attempts to come off as a ‘charming thief’ usually end in failure. he doesnt let his losses get him down though, and he tries everything again and again until he gets it right
  • alan, kellam’s son (class: priest). he would do anything to help a person who needs it, despite his timid nature and aversion to battle. his dream is to become to a doctor and he wont let anything stop him from learning more about healing and medical history. he became blind in his left eye after a near-death experience with some thugs.
  • isabella (or izzy for short), donny’s daughter (class: dancer). she has an idealistic heart and a selfless nature, believing that the world can become a better place with a lot of hard work and determination. since she knows she isnt that skilled in battle, she became a dancer to raise money which she gives to those who need it. she always carries her father’s old pot with her at all times and heaven forbid you try and do anything to it

feel free to draw them if you want to!!!! and tag me in them so that i can see bc i would love to see fanart of my babies hehe


life may suck really hard with no indication of getting better but, y’know, think about your waifu. life is awful and all but man your waifu is real cute

imma do a thing

Height?: Idk, around 5 foot 2 (it’s 5’3 but you were an inch off!!!)

Age?: 16 (yep!)

Voice pitch?: High-ish (I have heard you voice so yeah) (mmhmm!)

Sleeping position, Do I drool or Snore in my sleep? : on your side, and you drool (i tend to move around a lot in my sleep so i dont have a set position but i do drool in my sleep! basically im hell to share a bed with)

Favorite Color?: Blue (yup!)

Morning, Noon, Or Evening Person?: evening (yep again!)

Anything Else?: you are the meme queen (tru dat)




Send Me Your Headcanons For Me!!!



Voice pitch?:

Sleeping position, Do I drool or Snore in my sleep? :

Favorite Color?:

Morning, Noon, Or Evening Person?:

Anything Else?: